Step 3: Training

Training can be a reminder to stick to our diet and our lifestyle change.

Our health increases with training. It not only increases your chances of living longer but more importantly increases the quality of life we live. This is especially important as we get older as our muscle health deteriorates that we can postpone. Mental health issues decrease with training, it can aid with anxiety, depression and a multitude of other issues. It is not a cure but a great coping strategy and aid if you have any mental health problems or to help with prevention.

This training programme will work around your life and your goals, our training programmes are personalised for yourself! Its tailored towards your goals and right for your needs. This is why we ask you allot of questions. You can always update your preferences, needs and goals with us so your programming can be ever adaptable to suit your needs.

You can chat to your coach about your programme so if you don’t understand something or have any questions about anything in the programme you can contact your coach anytime.

We want our clients to become self sufficient, you can log your own workouts (which can be critiqued by your coach). So you can add in workouts as you see fit!

Our training doesn’t include long boring steady state cardio. Nor does it get you increasing your daily steps for cardio. This is not cardio this is your daily activity that we want to be high anyway. This may be hard to start with but becoming more active outside the gym will go hand in hand with your training. We encourage you to get active and get moving and log your steps and activities. We have leaderboards to see who’s moving the most and how you compare to the rest of the team to motivate us all to do more. So think walking to the park with your kids and running about having fun with them. Play a sport with your children of friends. Take your dog for a longer walk. Choose the stairs over the elevator. Making these choice changes your life for the longterm not walking on a treadmill. Just move as much as possible!

Your trainer will require a screenshot of how many steps you take each day. This takes literally 20 seconds, so there is no excuse! Every single person is to aim for 10,000 steps a day.

Use a Fitbit, smart watch, phone or a pedometer to track your steps. We recommend tracking your calories on Under Armour Record on

Apple or android to not only track your steps but to see how you are doping against other members and compete in our challenges.

This can be made up of taking the stairs, parking further away or making the drinks at work more often. If you havnt’t hit enough steps in the day then grab your trainers your going for a walk! You will be held accountable, this will be checked by your trainer. This helps you to stay on track and make sure you know someone is there to support you and hold you accountable. This goes for training programmes too, if you receive a weightlifting programme your trainer will check to make sure you are completing your workout and is there for any queries you have.