Roisin’S incredible STORY and elite physiques senior trainer Aaron’s no quit, hard working, sky’s the limit thinking client

You see people in gyms doing all kinds of exercises and when you first arrive it can be nerve racking.

You work long hours and have to travel for work. This makes getting the motivation to train extremely hard.

You're not as fit as everyone in classes so don’t feel comfortable enough to attend.

Sound relatable?

I said you go to classes to get fit you don’t need to be fit to go to classes. However no matter what I said Roisin still didn't feel this way. She only wanted to train when she was with me.

Using all my experience in personal training and my background in psychology I decided to create a game plan that could see roisin make a lasting change and achieve whatever she put her mind to.

Your seemingly average lady grinding though life. With not so average results. A hidden relentless drive and a Wonderfull personality too match. This coupled with some proven techniques is what it took to succeed where so many others could not.

How Roisin did it:

  • She decided on a gaol

  • We then made it 10 times bigger (some would say 8,848 m bigger)

  • We then had much smaller goals that lead to the biggest goal

  • We perfected one thing then added in another

  • We created lasting habits

  • The changes became effortless

  • She had set backs- that’s life for you!

  • We regrouped and got straight back to the plan

  • We smashed the small goals

  • We smashed the bigger goals

  • We learned some Olympic lifting along then way

  • She looked better

  • She felt better

  • She became more confident

  • We became friends

  • I was so proud of her hard work

  • Then she ventured off to her biggest challenge yet……