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I am confident and happy with my physical appearance
I am happy with my current level of fitness
Fat loss is a priority for me
Flattening / toning my stomach is a priority for me
Working on a bigger, firmer & rounder bum is a priority for me
Building muscle is a priority for me
Getting fitter is a priority for me
I am not motivated enough
I don't know how much and what to eat
I don't know what training is right for me or how to safely and effectively perform exercises
I would consider having a 1-on-1 personal trainer
I would consider having personal training sessions with a friend or partner
I would consider joining 'The Elite Physique System' - custom training & nutrition programmes created for you
I would consider joining the 'Buddy System' to have lots of sessions with people with similar goals & abilities at a reduced rate compared to 1-on-1 training