Step 2: Nutrition

If your overweight you are consuming too many calories for your activity level. The opposite goes for gaining muscle, you may not be eating enough calories to build quality muscle. Nutritional changes should be looked at just like our goals. They should be small achievable steps to make it one step better not jump to nudge changes that are just not maintainable. Consuming enough of the right things is the key to achieve your goal.

The first step is to address the calories you need. Once you are hitting within this limit comfortably we can look at where your calories come from. This is where the macronutrients in you food come into to play. Do not jump straight into tracking macros as sticking within your calories is the most important part.

Calorie Calculator

It is important that you enter all your values correct as this will impact the amount of calories you need. The most important thing here is to. not underestimate how active you are on a daily basis. This will lead you to be in too big of a calorie deficit. It is better to have slightly too many calories to start with to gauge your requirements, then not enough as this will be hard to stick to and the programme will not have sustainability. It will prevent you feeling as tired and hungry. Postponing results by a few days or weeks is better then not ever reaching them if the diet is not sustainable.

You will regularly enter your weight and measurements which will be monitored by your designated personal trainer. This ensures your nutritional and training requirements are correct for you and your goals. This makes sure you reach your goals in an effective and sustainable manner and a quick but achievable, sensible time frame.

We recommend 20% of your calories come from food you really enjoy even if you deem them as ‘treats’. This is fine as long as you are pithing you calories and close to your macros.

Calorie tracking can be massively beneficial, not essential but it certainly will help . Managing our calories is important, this can be done by lowering portion sizes, shortening your feeding windows, training more, eating healthier and many more ways. The easiest way and the way to best know your on track though is through calorie tracking. This can be done on our handy mobile app that allows you to scan the barcode of the food you eat or manually enter the calories. Calorie tracking teaches you to learn what’s in your food so you can get better making healthier decisions and increase your nutritional knowledge. It is not something you should do forever it is a tool to get you to where you need to be, just like this entire programme.

Enter your goals here so that we can produce you an appropriate workout plan to suit your needs.

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Meal Planning

Your calories have been calculated. You can recalculate calories as your weight changes. Next, we are going to show you how to plan your meals.

Planning your own meals is import. This is to suit you and your needs. You need to build your meals plan to suit you. The frequency you eat at, the amount of snacks you have, the foods you enjoy and so on. We give you the breakdown of how many calories and macros to aim for. We give you examples of meal plans and recipes to try. You create what’s fits your lifestyle. This therefore serves your goals whether its fat loss or muscle building.

It is important that you stick to your calories as closely as possible to achieve the best possible results, however it is not essential to hit your calories exactly every day! A little bit of variation daily will usually even itself out over the week. It’s important to think of calories over the week. So if you spill over your calories one day but are under another by the same amount you will not see any difference in the results you would achieve if it was the same each day. Think week-to-week not day-to-day and your will have much more flexibility to cater to your lifestyle, social events and family. Plan ahead! Got a meal out no problem, check the menu online and add the calories to your plan and make the calories fit for the day. Or shave a bit of calories of a few days to make room for a few more that day.

Check out our recipes and meal ideas below to help plan your meals.

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Example of our trainers meal plan can be seen below


Don’t know what a macronutrient is? Well it’s basically what your food is made of. This can play a vital part in increasing fat loss, muscle gain and performance. However it is not essential to jump into tracking these until you are hitting your calorie target regularly for at least 21 days. Depending on your goal your macronutrients will vary. If you try to track too much too soon or make too many changes it is unlikely you will stick to the changes. So we urge you to only track macronutrients when you have your training and calories on point. If you are unsure if you are ready or need further information contact your trainer for further guidance.