Buddy System

How can you get all the benefits of personal training with expert trainers at a fraction of the cost?

Join our buddy system, meet like minded people and train up to 10 times a week for the price of one personal training session.

How does it works?

Choose your time slot like you would for a one-on-one or group session. Then opt in to the Buddy System. This allows others in the system to join in with your session and you to be able to join in with their sessions.

How much does it cost?

A Buddy System slot is £25 per week- that’s right £25 to have your own buddy system session and join any or all of the other sessions booked by buddy members! Or current Elite physique team members can add on their buddy slot for just £20.

What is you have different goals?

We will only group you with buddy’s with the same goals and abilities!

How many people are in each buddy group?

We will limit groups to 10 members, meaning you could train with a personal trainer 10 times each week! Members in your group will have different slots meaning a variety of training times guaranteeing to suit everyones needs.

Won’t there be too many people training at once?

Definitely not! Everyone has different schedules meaning everyone in your group won’t be training at the same time.

I still want one-on-one sessions too?

The Buddy System can be an add on to your training at a discounted rate! Choose two time slots, one for your one-on-one sessions and one for your buddy session.

So why choose the Buddy System?

Training in a small group is a great way to stay motivated. Make friends with similar goals and support each other on your journeys. Train up to 10 times a week with a personal trainer for the price of one session!