Aaron Shenton

Authority in efficiently maximising fat loss & muscle gain

Functional fitness

This means moving the body how it was designed to with multi joint compound exercises. These movements are more natural, efficient in building muscle and burning fat compared to traditional weight training.

Diet advice & nutrition plans

Diet advice is offered as Aaron is highly qualified and seasoned in nutritional guidance. Nutrition plans can be purchased specific to your needs and lifestyle. The plans can fit into any lifestyle type, from someone who eats out all the time to someone who is a vegetarian.

Constantly varied training

You won’t get bored and it will keep your body adjusting. This leads to maximum results in minimum time.


Not only do I cater for all abilities from someone who has never stepped into a gym before to professional athletes but I offer the ability for anyone to train together without compromising the workout efficiency. So if you have someone you want to train with or a group of people with mixed abilities you can still train together.

Free consultation

Prior to booking any sessions a free initial consultation is offered to asses your current health, goals and ability. This is needed to create an appropriate course of action and to choose appropriate session types.


Elite Physique Personal Training - With Aaron Shenton:

Purchase a block of 11 sessions for the price of 10

Purchase a block of 23 sessions for the price of 20


METCON (Metabolic Conditioning)- 25mins:

2 to 5 movements meticulously planned, performed at a high level of intensity to rapidly burn fat and maximise muscle building in a short period of time.

  • Your metabolic, muscular, cardiovascular and central nervous system are all being worked hence the significant results it produces.

  • The most efficient way to get fit and lean.

  • You must be warmed up prior to training.


  • £20 per session

  • £25 per couple

  • £30 per group


CHIPPER- 35-40mins:

Just like the METCON just a little less intense and longer.

  • 4 to 10 movements meticulously planned, performed at a moderate level of intensity.

  • Ideal for those training with a partner, in a group, beginners, older clients or those less mobile.

  • The most efficient way to get strong and lean.

  • You must be warmed up prior to training.


  • £25 per session

  • £30 per couple

  • £35 per group



If you already are in good cardiovascular condition and would like to focus purely on muscle building this is perfect for you.

  • Great for those who participate in sports or multiple classes per week.

  • Solely focused on maximising muscle growth in the most efficient and safe way.

  • Perfectly timed exercises to prevent high release of cortisol, making it the most efficient way to weight train.

  • Warm up prior not essential but recommended.


  • £25 per session

  • £30 per couple

  • £35 per group



Targeting warm up and specific mobility drills for the workout.

  • Specialised technique work.

  • Targeted weightlifting.

  • Includes a Metcon/Chipper workout.

  • The most comprehensive way to get fit, strong and lean.

  • Can be focused in Weightlifting, Powerlifting or Olympic lifting.


  • £35 per group

  • £40 per couple 

  • £45 per group

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