The 'Elite Training System' is a number of programmes with workouts created over 9 years of personal training experience to fit specific people. With experiments, studies and trials Josh at Elite Physique has come up with the quickest way to get safe and effective results! Simply follow the guide below the find the perfect plan for you!

Each of these programmes are for 30, 60 or 90 days.



Little black dress programme (fat loss specific)


Bikini body programme (fat loss and muscle tone specific)


Booty gainer extreme programme (fat loss/toning with extra booty emphasis)

30 days to mass programme (muscle mass building specific)


30 day shred programme (fat loss specific)


Become a greek statue programme (lean muscle building)

30 day programmes are £40 

60 day programmes are £75

90 day programmes are £100

For one of these plans please click here

 leave: The name of the plan you would like / Your age / Your current and desired weight, dress size (if applicable) and body fat if know