How to be successful in life...

Imagine how you want your life to be. Visualize already having it. Join me to take the steps to achieve that life NOW!

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         SET GOALS

o     You need a clear path to success and so you need a clear vision.

o     Now ask yourself 'What do I want to achieve?' Now 10 X it! This means you times your goal by 10 making it even bigger and greater a vision.


 o     Having a much bigger goal helps you stay hungry, you keep working, you keep improving and you succeed!

o     This allows you achieve more than you thought you could. You increase your possibilities!

o     You have to aim high or you will never reach the top of your capabilities and the best version of you!


o     Decide what you want to achieve and 10 X it.

o     Make smaller stepping stone goals to lead you directly on your way.

o     Visualise already achieving your goals and how that would make you feel. Do this as much as possible EVERY DAY.

o     Go out and get it done,  'YOU GOT THIS!'

o     Be consistent, you never fail until you stop and give up. If you are still working, you are on a journey and so you will never fail if you keep making the effort to move forward!

o     Live a successful life, surrounded by successful people and your will become successful, it's that simple!


How to be successful in social media...


Rules for any social media posts

1.     Have a catch headline for your post.

2.     Have great lede: 1-2 sentences as an introduction to entice the reader to want more.

3.     Give solutions for problems or useful information that can be immediately implicated to achieve an emotional benefit.

4.     Tap into as many emotional benefits as possible, these being: financial stability, health, love, security, salvation, self-regard, community / peer recognition, independence, sexual fulfilment, beauty / desirability, / personal attractiveness

5.     Identify logic / great features of your product / services using: statistics, proof, testimonials, transformations, quotes from authority figures, test results, trends (social proof), seals of approval from authority, awards won / achievements

6.     People respond better to photos and images than text, so have a funny, smart or helpful video or images and a great description to back it up. 


Rules for success with Instagram growth

1.     Never like your own post.

2.     Only ever use 3-8 hashtags

3.     Avoid repeating hashtags over and over again, always switch them up.

4.     Use a mix of high and low searched hashtags.

5.     Key post time is 4-8pm.

6.     Try to post once a day and at lease 3X a week.

7.     If your posting more than once a day then always allow at least 4 hours between each post.

8.     Try and engage back with at least 50% of accounts that leave you comments (go like or comment on their pictures).

9.     Interact to be seen! Go through your feed and get liking and commenting.