Are you trying to find the right personal trainer specifically for you? Are your unsure if you even need a trainer?

You need a trainer if:

You are not getting REALISTIC results.

You are unsure how to train safely.

You have no clue what to do or where to start.

You don't need a trainer if:

The trainer hasn't proven that they get results or you don't trust their methods.

The trainer doesn't offer you anything different to what you already know or do. Or even worse, they offer people generic workouts/plans.

They don't convey value. Your body is priceless and so is your happiness, a trainer should make the results seem invaluable, worthwhile and highly satisfying. You need to be committed to your goals, so you need a coach who is valuable to you mentally as well as physically.

I’m Josh here I’m senior trainer of 10 years for Elite Physique personal training, now happily  settled at Anytime Fitness Telford. If you’re looking for a personal trainer you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1-     Is this person definitely going to get me the results that I want?

2-     Will I be receiving everything that I’m expecting (a fully personal and tailored experience)?

3-     Do I trust and like the trainer?

Here are my thoughts on the answers:

1-     Do any other trainers show amazing results with each and every client and guarantees results or your money back? Check out my transformation photos and remember - you will get the results that I ensure or every penny back!

2-     At Elite Physique we are ‘what it says on the tin’. No nasty surprises, just tailored sessions and custom plans, specifically for you. No generic plans or sessions, this is how we get the best results. 

3-     Look at all the reviews we have! My client’s words and photos speak for themselves! However if you don’t think that I’m your cup of tea, message me and I’ll help you find another trainer who is!

Now you may have some doubts and issues crop up, your only human, so I've answered so typical thoughts people have when looking for a trainer:

Is it worth spending money on a trainer? It depends on the trainer. You get what you pay for in this industry, so if your only paying a little, maybe you shouldn't be paying at all. To be quite frank, what expert who gets the top level results in any field, yet is dirt cheap? Also if your paying for a PERSONAL plan or workout you better be getting it personal to you. If not then you might as well google for help!

I'm not sure if i'm committed enough! You won't succeed, SIMPLE. You need to want it and commit to it in order to succeed. However a good trainer will also train your mind to want to work for you goals. At Elite Physique we commit your time and efforts into training your mind as well as your body. After all, your mind does control what your body does!

Do I have the time? My life is rather hectic! You will never HAVE enough time but you can MAKE enough time. You need to make health/fitness a priority and make time for it. You make time for anything else that is important to you. Here at Elite physique I can understand that time is important, so over the last decade I have created formulas to get amazing results through short workouts with use or a gym or little/no equipment, at home, at work with as little as 20 minutes to spare a few times a week! I guarantee I can find time in your life for your health!

Whats more important my training or my nutrition? BOTH! Food fuels your body and helps you recover. Too much food will make you gain weight. Exercise burns calories and is how you build and shape muscle tone. I'm Anytime Fitness in Telford's ONLY nutrition expert who is able to give you nutrition plan. I standard UK PT is NOT qualified to give you a nutrition plan! I also have 12 years experiences in training and a decade experience in coaching, so your covered in all aspects here. 

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