PT official-a company I'm proud to represent!

About PT Official



PT Official is a website which promote the best professionals in the fitness industry and help you stand out from the rest. This site being: which you can find my profile on now!

If you are a fitness professional you will have your very own profile with PT Official, where customers can purchase your services and free sessions instantly. This is a subscriptions service which costs just £5.99 a month with no other charges. For you this means you can maximise your time and earning opportunity with no commission fees. This personal saves me a lot of money compared to automated payment systems that I have used in the past that would ALWAYS charge me a percentage of each sale.

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For customers and my clients, you will have your very own login details. For you to contact a professional you must complete some basic information for us to authorise their account. The information will include name, address, contact details, age, height, weight and fitness/overall goal. This basic health information will be available to you as a professional once they have booked your services/session.

PT Official does require customers to submit this information as they will have the ability to leave a review of your service. This ensures they are legitimate members, and no false reviews shall be left on your profile. The more positive reviews you have, means more potential new clients.

PT Official deals with your bookings. If a customer cancels their appointment/service, you will still be paid so you will not be out of pocket, and further more you can instantly re advertise the available services/sessions. This will be part of the clients terms and conditions when booking with PT Official. This has saved me hours and hours as I no longer need to talk about limited availability and book in each individual client. Now clients can see my availability and simply book in, even better they can pay safe and secure through the site to protect their money at no fee.

So now it couldn’t be easier for you to grow and manage your customers in a professional experience.



Firstly, as a professional, if you are good at what you do you will easily stand out from the crowd with our customer reviews. No longer will you only appeal to clients who have recommended you, but you will appeal to the larger market.

No longer do you need to spend money on business cards, as you will only need to refer a potential client to find you at or As a professional you will also be given your very own ID number/code of your choice. For example a Personal trainer may have a team name such as “Team lift more.” That personal trainer may choose to have the code TLM, which when entered into the PT Official search engine will automatically bring their profile up.