Cable machines for muscle tone and fat loss!

Why chose cable machines?

If you want to build muscle tone and/or lose fat you need to optimize your training. Cables help you do that! 

A lot of people use the cable pulley machines, a lot of people avoid these metal monsters with cables and hooks hanging from them like scary little tentacles. Now I can tell you that cable machines are your friend! The are simple to set up and have so many benefits!

Constant tension....

Your muscles do not know how much weight you are lifting, they know how much tension they are under! Your joints however know all too well about the weight your lifting. So we want more tension with less weight, thats a win for cables! Not to mention with free weights the pull of gravity is altered depending on the position of those pink dumbells throughout the rep. At certain points the tension can even become slack. Not so with cables, which are constantly pulling against the working muscle at every point of the range of motion.  

Unilateral what????

Unilateral focus. This is where you focus on one side of the body at the time. With bilateral exercise like a barbell curl, the stronger arm can help compensate for the weaker one. With a unilateral exercise such as a single arm cable curl you will get constant tension on just that side to allow an even focus on each side and for you to see where your weaknesses are.

We like angles... 

Cables offer such a large variety of angles and attachments. This allows you to change emphasis from  one part of a muscle to another. It also allows you to surprises your muscles with a gift (a new angel or grip) so that you muscles can be shocked and become fully developed. 

Moral of the story, get out of the corner with your mat and dumbbells, grab hold of the cables and unleash your inner beast (it's in there somewhere)!