Are you over 40 and wanting to lose fat, tone up and get fit?

Want to be fit and over 40? 

People who are 40 or older and want to improve fitness. Here's a simple guide to get you started! 

You need to lift weights - Your body needs resistance to replace the muscle mass that declines with age.

Cardio x2 per week - to keep heart and lungs in shape make one of the sessions an interval or HIIT session. 

Stretching is important - as we age our flexibility decreases, stretching ensures we still have a good range of movement in the joints. 

Rest - as we age we need longer recovery time between sessions to allow our bodies to recover fully. Workout 3 - 4 times each week for up to 1 hour is enough. 

For a more detailed plan tailored to your body, needs and goals, message Josh now!