Cardio? I'll just stick to weights!

People always ask me what my cardio is? I say that my weights are my cardio. People often struggle to understand why so here I go….
To be able to loose fat you need to burn calories. This can be done in many different ways but my way of doing it is weight training. But why?
Well I do not like cardio and I like lifting weights. Lifting weights will still burn calories. Weight lifting will burn calories because when lifting weights your muscles are working and when they are working they use calories, also after you’ve finished your session your body will continue to burn calories because it is still working to recover from the session. This means that even when you’re not actually working out your still burning calories.
When doing continuous cardio your muscles do not come under high amounts of stress, this means that they will not need to burn as many calories compared to weight lifting.
Think of it this way, you can work hard or you can work long. I work hard to lift heavy weights; this makes me tired, sweaty and burn calories.
Women always say to me that they do not want to bulk up and they do not want big manly muscles and they are scared to do weights. Women will not get big and bulky from lifting weights, this is because they do not have high amounts of testosterone, like men, and therefore it is a lot harder for their muscles to grow. Lifting weights will primarily burn calories and make you stronger.
I do not do cardio. This is because I find it personally boring and its main purpose is to just burn some calories. For that reason I do weight training as cardio, as to me its fun and it buns calories, during and after the workout AND builds my muscle at the same time, meaning that when I’ve burn my fat I will be look toned NOT skinny.
In my opinion, If you are only concerned about the number on the scales do cardio, if you want to look better in the mirror and want to feel better and healthier, lift weights.

What are the best exercises for me to do when weight lifting to burn calories?
Big compound movements are the best for this type of weight training, this is because they use the most muscles at one time which means more calories burnt and as a result…..more fat loss.
The exercises that I recommend would be:
-Clean (and press)
-Squat / push press
-Chest press (or press ups)
-Kettlebell swing
You can also perform my top weight free exercises which are great for burning calories:
-Mountain climbers
-Squat to hop
-Squat jumps
-Side lateral lunge jumps
-Step ups (front and side)
-Jumps (tuck, front or side leaps, or jumping forward and back)
-Explosive star jumps

So what could my workout be?

Try a TABATA approach. Do 20 seconds of an exercise followed by 10 seconds rest. Repeat 8 times (4minutes).

Choose multiple exercises and circuit through them, working on each exercise for 20 seconds then 10 seconds to get ready and in place for the next. Repeat for as long as you wish to train for. Try 8 minutes first, then add 2 minutes each session. 
For a real burn...
Alternate your weighted exercises (with a heavy weight), with the body weight exercises (as fast as/ as many as you can)