My journey - Squats

As you know from the page ‘Senior Trainer Josh’, I have had to overcome many obstacles in my life. One of the biggest being squats. I couldn’t go out walking further than 5 minutes, as I would worry that I would need my crutches. When this burden left me, my life was transformed. I felt free. Now I had to master them dreaded squats.

I spent months running in swimming pools, eventually squatting in the pools too. I worked on flexibility and mobility as well as pain management (from knowing when I could push myself and deal with some pain to knowing when I needed to stop).

Squats are not my most impressive lift, however they are my greatest accolade in the gym.  No other aspect of fitness has had more sweat and tears or triumphs and disappointments.

So now where are my squats at?

My 1 rep maximum is 160kg! 

  Not to mention my leg press PB is 680kg!

Not to mention my leg press PB is 680kg!