Are you squatting right?

Are you not sure if you are squatting right?

The squat is a one of the most powerful and important exercises for the majority of  training programs. it is a fantastic exercise to target not only the glutes, hamstrings, and calves, but it is also one of my top 2 exercises for your core!

 The squat can tell us a lot about your mobility, stability, and motor control. 

•    Do you squat and you have knee pain?
•    Are you unable to squat below parallel (without the heels coming off ground)?
•    Do your knees come over your toes?
•    Does your upper back collapse forward?
•    Do you not push through your heels?

If any of these sound familiar to you, contact us so that we can help determine your issue and help you correct it. It could be as simple as training a different version of the squat (perhaps a goblet versus a back squat), or you may have to hone your work in on some more specific areas such as your ankles or hips mobility or quad or glute flexibility.

So, are you squatting right?