Cardio... When and what type?

How should you do cardio to lose that fat that you hate?
Do you go for long duration and low intensity or short duration and high intensity?

  •  Research show... the best way is short duration and high intensity (HIIT training). 

  • I say... HIIT training is the best fat burner because it has short high intensity exercise followed by a longer rest and this will mean that it can be done for longer periods of time. So if you want to lose a few inches off that waistline then HIIT training is the best training for you.

  • The science proves... adrenaline is the primary fat mobilizing messenger in the body and the higher the intensity of an exercise the higher amounts of adrenaline in the body, this will mean the more fat burnt in a shorter duration. 

Here’s a HIIT workout to get you started:

Row 5 minutes as a warm up.
Row 250m as fast as possible. Row 250m at a steady recovery pace. Repeat 5-10 times.
Row 2000m as fast as possible/ whilst keeping your stroke rate consistent Alternate every 2 minutes from a low level resistance (up to a 4) to a high level resistance (6-10). 
Row 5 minutes as a cool down.

Do you want a bit extra? Add in this TABATA workout first!

Train for 20 seconds as fast as you can (go all out 100%). Train for 10 seconds at a very steady recovery pace. Repeat 8 times.

This is called TABATA training and it is proven to be the most affective cardio for oxygen debt aka burning the most calories after training. It is only 4 minutes but you should push yourself as if it's the hardest 4 minutes of your life!

Do I do cardio before or after weights? What if I haven't eaten?

 If your trying to build muscle and look better then it's a big NO to do cardio before weights.


This is because the cardio will use up all of your glucose stores and this will mean them last few sets that you normally struggle on for weight will be nearly impossible. This will mean less muscle building

When weightlifting you don't use as much glucose stores but it still uses a lot. This will mean after weights your still able to do cardio, it will also mean your cardio will start burning your fat stores much quicker. 

One more reason cardio before weights is a big NO NO is during cardio your protein synthesis levels drop, this means your body’s ability to build muscle drops, meaning if you do weights after cardio it will be a lot harder to be able to build muscle. If your looking to burn that fat and get that dream body you've always wanted then the best time to do your cardio is also after weight training. This is due to the fact that when training you will burn the majority of your glucose stores meaning that there won't be as many for cardio. This is better for fat burning because during cardio your body will burn the remaining glucose stores as energy then once they are depleted your body will start to burn your fat as energy. Fasted cardio is training cardio when you haven't ate in a long period of time, because of this, fasted cardio is most practical to do in a morning before eating breakfast.

Fasted cardio helps burn fat quicker than doing normal cardio.


The way in which fasted cardio works is because you haven't ate in a few hours your body doesn't have a lot of glucose stores as glycogen and because of this the body will go straight to the fat stores and it will burn them for the energy needed to do the cardio.

In normal cardio the body would use your glycogen stores and then the fat stores and because normally you would eat before doing cardio you would have high glucose stores and this would mean that your body would be able to burn them for a long time and it wouldn't burn much fat.

Fasted cardio should only be used to burn fat, it shouldn't be used to increase fitness or to build muscle. If your thinking of fasted cardio you also need to think about your diet because if your do your fasted cardio in the morning then go and have a big fry up after then that workout would be pointless. The best way to do fasted cardio is to have caffeine and yohimbe supplements before your workout, this is because they help boost fat burning enzymes in your body which will enhance your fat burning workout.

Overall I think that fasted cardio is one of the best ways to burn that unwanted fat but should only be used if your goal is to burn fat.