Christmas Excuses!

'If fitness is second best for you this year then you might hear yourself coming up with some of these excuses:


  • I'll go to the gym in the new year.

If you miss out the Christmas period and start going to the gym again in the New year then you won't be as fit and you won't be able to do as much as you would have been before Christmas. This means that when you do start again in the new year it will take you a while to be able to get back up to the fitness that you had before.

  • I've got way too much shopping to do.

There's always time for a gym sessions. You could even go in for as little as 15 minutes and still get a good workout. For this you can go into the gym, warm up for 5 minutes then do TABATA training, which takes 4 minutes, then stretching off and your done.


  • I want to enjoy Christmas without having to think about the gym.

If you don't want the gym to feel like a chore or you don't want it to be breaking up you day then do something fun and train in the morning. If you train in the morning it will mean that you won't feel like you have to stop something your doing to have to go the gym, also it will mean that your doing fasted training, which will help increase your fat loss. Doing something fun at the gym will help you get motivated and want to train more. This might be listening to Christmas music while training, this will keep you in the Christmas spirit and you will be keeping your fitness up.

  • It won't make a difference because I'm eating all this 'crap'

It will make a difference because if you don't go to the gym after indulging yourself the day before then you will just be putting on the fat without burning any off. Therefore you will be piling on the pounds without doing anything about it.