Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

So have you asked yourself, where are you now and where do you want to be?

Set yourself goals, and smash them! Aim high and whatever you want to achieve, 10X it. What I mean is aim for 10 times more than you desire! 


  1. You stay hungry, you keep working, you keep improving, you succeed!
  2. You achieve more than you thought you could. You increase your possibilities!
  3. You have to aim high or you will never reach the top!

I wanted to gain as much weight as I could in just under 2 months. This was so that I could show you what is possible. I spent LESS THAN 1 MONTH to get from the image on the left, to the one on the right. 

Many of you saw me go through this process and heard what I was going through to reach my goal. It wasn't pretty! It was so hard! ......It was all worth it!

Now ask yourself 'What do I want to achieve?' Now 10 X it! 

Go out and get it done,  'YOU GOT THIS!'

 This is what I achieved, what will you achieve? 

This is what I achieved, what will you achieve?