Sweeteners, are they good or bad?

Sweeteners, are they good or bad?

Well even though you would think that their main purpose is to reduce sugar intake, it's really to reduce the calories of added sugars. Research has found that sweeteners for children and adults can reduce energy intake and body weight, and this can possibly also happen when compared with water.

Sweeteners can help reduce the calories of the person using them and this can help lose weight and eventually look better.

However taking sweeteners can cause an increase in hunger and this could mean even though your saving calories having sweeteners you might eat more because of them.

The verdict from science: Sweeteners are a great way at cutting down sugars and calories, just vary what forms of natural sweeteners you have and don’t have excessive amounts.

The verdict from Elite physique: Sweeteners are a legit solution for people who still want to enjoy a sweet snack or drink without having the excess calories, this is only if the person having the sweeteners is able to stop themselves eating more because of the increased hunger cravings.