Do you need BCAA's for fitness, fat loss and muscle tone?

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Mass Gain Source ( has recently published a comprehensive article on How To Gain Muscle – Essential Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners which is a fantastic read with lots of useful, easy to follow information! Guys and girls, you need to read this!

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YOUR BODY, YOUR DECISION! Lost motivation? Want to lose weight and look fitter?

How would you like to look?

How would you like to feel?

You can look and feel like that. There is no reason that you can't! You can be fitter, more energized, lose fat, tone up and feel happy in your own skin.

All you have to do is decide; the easy way or the right way.  The right way is the hard way. It's the early morning workouts, logging your food and training when all you want to do is relax. That does't sound appealing, but the body you want and have only dreamt of is!

Is your health, your appearance, your life worth that extra effort? If you want to change, you have to really want it. Do you want it bad enough?

So chose one of two options:

OPTION 1: Be lazy. Take it easy. Get fat. Risk getting ill. Lose time off your life and die. 

OPTION 2: Work your but off. Look amazing. Have more energy. Feel great. Live longer. 

To summarize do you want to be happy and live or feel bad and die. All from choosing between putting effort in, or being lazy and not making time for your health and body. That will sound dramatic but thats what it boils down to. 

So ask your self, 'Is your body worth it?" 

Muscle memory, what is it and how does it work?

I've recently replied to some muscle memory questions. Ever wondered what this term means or how it works? Here you go...

All research and studies will have variable outcomes yet the most recent and agreeable reasoning behind "muscle memory" is as follows: 

Your body will come back to where you were much quicker than it took you to get you there referred to "muscle memory" (there are 2 types this and I.e. Remember how to ride a bike after years) 

It refers to memory of the brain on a movement of muscle not memory of or in an actual muscle!!

The nervous system mechanisms may explain the strength gains, but it doesn’t explain how you can gain back the muscle size so quickly. (Most people this the nervous system causes them to get the size gainz back quick-wrong, just strength) 

Unlike other cells, muscle cells have more than one nucleus (probably thousands). When your muscles get bigger, your body had to add more muscle nucleus. When you stop training the muscle has the same number of muscle nuclei. Meaning it is easy to build the muscle back to its previous size.

Triathlon triumph makes Jane Anytime Fitness Telford's member of the month!

I feel blessed that I have so many amazing clients, Jane however is nothing short of exceptional! 

She has transformed her body, fitness and life from shy and new/wary of the gym wanting to be able to walk 5k to doing a night marathon and now a triathlon to raise money for Shropshire Housing Alliance. 

She came 2nd in the over 60s females at The Castle Triathlon with a spectacular time of 1:44hr. 

I don't think I have ever been so proud in all my career as a personal trainer than Jane has made me! Thank you for letting me be a part of your story by being your coach, trainer and friend!

Anytime Fitness Telford has also announced my amazing client Jane Brooks as their member of the month for her superb efforts in the gym, fantastic improvements and an amazing 2nd place in her category in her first ever triathlon! WELL DONE!!!!


Member of the month: Fat loss, weight loss, improve fitness, increased muscle tone, more confidence and energy......the list of Janes achievements with Elite Physique Telford is unreal!

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Member of the month: Fat loss, weight loss, improve fitness, increased muscle tone, more confidence and energy......the list of Janes achievements with Elite Physique Telford is unreal!  

Saying that I am proud of this person is the understatement of the year! Jane Brookes is an exceptional woman who has surpassed her originals goals and expectations ten-fold! She has achieved so much, looks like a totally different women and has gone from wanting to walk 5k, to running 5k in less than half of her first time! She now cycles, swims, does classes and attends the gym and PT sessions weekly all in preparation for a triathlon! From shy and new to the gym to fit and fierce, Jane is an inspiration to motivate us all!


Want a different bum? Bigger? Rounder? Lifted? A Shelf? I'm the Telford personal trainer for you!

What Bum Shape Have You Got Now?

Just as there are different body types, there are different bum shape types as well. What bum type do you have?

Most plastic surgeons recognize four main shapes when it comes to women’s glutes:

▪   Square – “H” shape

▪   Round – “C” or “O” shape

▪   Heart/pear – “A” shape

▪   Inverted – “V” shape

It can be helpful to know which shape you are closest to, as this will can determine what kind of shaping exercises you can to do to work the bum shape that you’ve got into a more desirable one.

Your bum may not match the above examples exactly, but you should be able to choose which shape your butt most closely resembles.

What Can I Do to Change My Bum Shape?

Depending on your weight and if you are carrying excess fat or lack muscle in the gluteal region, there are a few things you can do to make your bum appear to be a softer shape naturally:

▪   Exercise. Incorporating the right kind of exercises that shape the butt can build out those muscles that will give you a better shape. A strong butt is a sexy butt. Bigger glutes will give you a rounder, tighter booty and accentuate your natural curves.

▪   Diet. If you’re carrying a bit of extra weight around your hips, thighs or butt, this can give you a flabby shape. Watching your diet and what you eat is probably the best and fastest way to lose weight from your whole body, including your bum.

▪   Clothing Choice. Choose clothes that flatter your butt and draw attention to the aspects of your shape that you like, while down-playing any of your less attractive features. Poor clothing choice can make even the best body look bad, and good clothing choice can take an average looking body to be incredibly sexy.

▪   Consider Enhancement Underwear. Bum enhancing underwear and shapewear is a great way to shape your booty to the way you want it to look. This option is inexpensive and can give you an instant boost when it comes to the way you present yourself to the world.

“O” Shapes

O shapes are also known as bubble butts and usually show a bulk in the top part of the bum that is well balanced with the bottom part of the bum.

If you want to, you can also follow the advice given to H-shapers to try and get a bit more volume in the sides of your bum.

With the bum type, luckily you don’t need to be too selective in terms of glute exercises that you choose. Any general glute exercises will benefit you and keep your butt perky – for example, squats, glute bridges and bulgarian split squats.

“H” Shapes

Your bum is lacking volume on the sides, and will benefit from exercises which target the gluteus medius to try and round out your shape. Try clamshells, lying side abductions, side lunges and ice skaters or curtsy lunges.

“V” Shapes

Those with a V shape will want to do exercises to add muscle bulk to the lower part of the buttocks as much as possible.  The V shape originates more from a fat distribution that is towards the top of the butt and around the hips and is a bit of a tricky one.

You are unfortunately limited by your genetic disposition to this particular fat distribution, but could perhaps see benefits from training the gluteus maximus.

Try plie, arabesque, kickbacks, and froggy glute lifts to focus on the lower glutes, which may help fill your bum out at the bottom. Glute bridges may also help build some volume generally, if you can make your bum bigger and rounder this may distract from your V shape a little.

“A” Shapes

You have a curvy feminine shape should still keep up a good routine of butt exercises to keep your booty looking its finest.

To ensure you don’t get too wide at the bottom part of your butt, keep up a steady dosage of the butt-lifting types of exercises such as arabesque, pile squats, and straight leg kickbacks.

Use squats and glute bridges to fill out the tops and rest of your butt and maintain an overall lift to your rear.

Help! I’m none of the above bum shapes, I’m just plain flat!

If you suffer from a flat bum, then you’ll want to start incorporating bum exercises into your routine ASAP!

The good news is that it is always possible to gain some increase in the size of your butt through exercise. Most people walk around with underactive glute muscles, which is one cause for flat bum syndrome. So start squeezing your bum as much as you can!

Your main goal should be to add muscle mass to try and bulk up your booty. Learn how to activate your glutes first, then focus on exercises like weighted squats, weighted glute bridges, hip thrusts, and ice-skaters.

When thinking about how to shape your bum, it’s all about realizing that it is possible to target different butt muscles in your workout routine and select exercises to encourage growth in those areas which will help to balance out your shape to one you prefer.



Failure is the key to success! Want to lift more, lose more weight, look more toned... get ready to fail!

Success promotes greatness, failure creates it.

Defeat...or failure is great! We can learn and grow from this, use it to become great!

If you push to failure, you have reached your limits. This means you have give your all and have taught your body to strive for more!

If you succeed however; you merely finish your reps, or hit a lift with a great weight you have done well but you have not reached your limits.

So reach your limits, pick your self back up and reach even higher, time after time! Don't train to succeed, train to failure, then you will succeed.

Success promotes greatness, failure creates it.

Are you over 40 and wanting to lose fat, tone up and get fit?

Want to be fit and over 40? 

People who are 40 or older and want to improve fitness. Here's a simple guide to get you started! 

You need to lift weights - Your body needs resistance to replace the muscle mass that declines with age.

Cardio x2 per week - to keep heart and lungs in shape make one of the sessions an interval or HIIT session. 

Stretching is important - as we age our flexibility decreases, stretching ensures we still have a good range of movement in the joints. 

Rest - as we age we need longer recovery time between sessions to allow our bodies to recover fully. Workout 3 - 4 times each week for up to 1 hour is enough. 

For a more detailed plan tailored to your body, needs and goals, message Josh now!

Water for weight loss and improved health!

Hydrate and feel great! 

Take the challenge!

Take a big gallon water bottle and take the challenge of drinking it over one day!

Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Water: Don't Medicate, Hydrate!

  • Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue. 
  • Promotes Weight Loss. 
  • Flushes Out Toxins. 
  • Improves Skin Complexion. 
  • Maintains Regularity. 
  • Boosts Immune System. 
  • Natural Headache Remedy. 
  • Prevents Cramps & Sprains.
  • Improve your mood
  • Save you money 

Disclaimer about water intoxication. A healthy kidney can process a gallon of water per day easily!
However, everyone's requirement is different. The amount of water to be consumed is subjective. Please define your own goals as per your requirements. 
If there is any reason why you should not increase your water intake due to kidney issues, an ailment or a chronic illness, do not participate in this challenge.  When in doubt, speak with your doctor.

Cable machines for muscle tone and fat loss!

Why chose cable machines?

If you want to build muscle tone and/or lose fat you need to optimize your training. Cables help you do that! 

A lot of people use the cable pulley machines, a lot of people avoid these metal monsters with cables and hooks hanging from them like scary little tentacles. Now I can tell you that cable machines are your friend! The are simple to set up and have so many benefits!

Constant tension....

Your muscles do not know how much weight you are lifting, they know how much tension they are under! Your joints however know all too well about the weight your lifting. So we want more tension with less weight, thats a win for cables! Not to mention with free weights the pull of gravity is altered depending on the position of those pink dumbells throughout the rep. At certain points the tension can even become slack. Not so with cables, which are constantly pulling against the working muscle at every point of the range of motion.  

Unilateral what????

Unilateral focus. This is where you focus on one side of the body at the time. With bilateral exercise like a barbell curl, the stronger arm can help compensate for the weaker one. With a unilateral exercise such as a single arm cable curl you will get constant tension on just that side to allow an even focus on each side and for you to see where your weaknesses are.

We like angles... 

Cables offer such a large variety of angles and attachments. This allows you to change emphasis from  one part of a muscle to another. It also allows you to surprises your muscles with a gift (a new angel or grip) so that you muscles can be shocked and become fully developed. 

Moral of the story, get out of the corner with your mat and dumbbells, grab hold of the cables and unleash your inner beast (it's in there somewhere)!


Fitness classes in Telford at Anytime Fitness! Lose weight, tone up, get fitter and have fun!

I've had some great fitness classes so far at Anytime Fitness Telford with great turnouts! Here are some snapshots of a morning circuit training class at the gym (Anytime Fitness Telford). I have also done some SYNERGY sessions combining many elements of fitness, such as resistance/weight training, cardio, abdominal training, body weight training, agility, flexibility and so much morewith a large array of equipment. Do you want to join in a tough yet fun and rewarding class? One that promotes rapid weight lose by burning a shed load of calories? Join us every Saturday at 9.30am for circuits!

Anyone, Anywhere, 'Anytime Fitness Telford' has a new personal trainer......this is now the go-to gym for fitness instructors and personal trainers in Telford!

It's happened....I'm now at Anytime fitness Telford!!

My requests are flooding in so enquire now and secure your training with the NEW GO-TO TRAINER at the sate-of-the art gym right here in Telford!

The luxury gym is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment to meet all fitness goals. It comes complete with individual changing and shower rooms and private dressing area equipped with the latest GHD straighteners and hair dryer. Not to mention, I'm there!!! Come find me today and sign up for personal training!


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Grind! Grind it out! Life is that simple!
Work hard and keep working hard until you reach success. Then work even harder, never stop and never give up. Always remember “You Got This!’
For a little over a year me I have grinded relentlessly with the support of the people around me; from my team, my loving partner and my family.
I took a vision, my vision: of a brand that works harder than any other to help and support people to improve their lives through health and fitness. A brand with a nothing less that 100% effort that would inspire people to improve their health, fitness and body whilst enjoying the process.
I took this vision and ran with it through thick and thin, never excepting anything less than phenomenal. Because that’s what each and every one of my clients and loved ones have been: phenomenal! You have all worked so hard too and have helped create this brand! You deserve the best! Yet so do so many other people out there....
So a big change will soon be announced that will allow this brand to grow, help more people and to keep inspiring people to be phenomenal!