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At Elite Physique Personal Training Telford we have specifically designed personal training sessions for fat loss, increased muscle tone and improved fitness faster than any other training method.

This is because we understand how precious our clients’ time is. So say goodbye to daunting, tedious 60-90 minute sessions and hello to 30-45 minute fat burning, metabolism boosting, muscle toning, fitness boosting workouts to optimize your workout time for FAST GUARANTEED RESULTS!  

We also offer training and nutrition plans to meet your every need!

Don't just take our word for it though, below you can check out some of the hundreds of people whose bodies and lives we have helped transform and also see what they have to say!


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So are you looking for an experienced personal trainer in Telford to help you get your dream body FAST?

You NEED to choose Elite Physique Telford
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(TELFORD Rates for personal training with senior trainer Josh)

One on one personal training sessions £40 

Couple personal training sessions £60 

Groups of 3-4 people for personal training £75 

Book 11 personal training sessions for the price of 10!  Book now

Do you want fitness & nutrition advice? Our blog offers information, motivation and answers the questions you ask!


Try this 'booty blaster' workout!


Our 'Killer core' workout is one to try!

Give our full body fat burner cable workout a try! 

Mix things up with this battle rope workout!

Make your workouts fun with a variety of gym equipment!

Want a full body fat loss workout? Try this!

Strongman style workout by a 60year old lady!



The luxury facility that our senior personal trainer Josh works from is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment to meet all fitness goals. We offer all sorts of classes, 5.30pm 'Abs class' every Tuesday and 6pm 'Total Body Workout (SYNERGY)' every Thursday are currently ran by Josh and are free for members to attend! We also have a studio where you can also do private virtual classes! The gym comes complete with individual changing and shower rooms and private dressing area equipped with the latest GHD straighteners and hair dryer. We're here to help get your dream body FAST!

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Try this full body workout fro fat loss and muscle tone!

Get a flat toned stomach with this core workout!

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